Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

Avon, Farmington, West Hartford, Hartford and East Hartford kitchen cabinet refinishing services done professionally. Looking to save money and still improve your kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank.
It can be done.
Owner George Peluso can do it all and with years of experience save you big buck$$$$
West Hartford Finishing is a family-owned wood finishing company dedicated to service and quality at affordable prices.

With over 35 years’ experience and is the best-known company in the kitchen cabinet wood-finishing field throughout Connecticut.

West Hartford Finishing is your complete source for all phases of wood finishing.

West Hartford Finishing has gone above and beyond to refurbish these kitchen cabinets. Taking the counter, appliances, and walls into consideration, an appropriate shade of paint was chosen and the cabinets were rigorously primed for application. Our cabinet painting experts took great care to ensure the cabinets would complement the rest of the kitchen while the quality stood out. Each crevasse and angle of the cabinets was handled with care, while the coating was even and aesthetically pleasing. The light color makes the appliances pop, while giving the kitchen a chic, updated look. The cabinets are a success in bringing this kitchen together and are a testament to the workmanship and quality of our professionals.

If you have an outdated kitchen in need of some serious revamping, our interior kitchen cabinet painting experts will add a distinctive finishing touch. Our staff will ensure that your kitchen comes together in a chic, updated way, while providing a welcoming atmosphere. We ensure it will reach perfection in a timely manner and every step of the process will be carefully constructed to allow the cabinets to develop into something truly extraordinary. With our staff’s keen eye for detail, we ensure every inch of your cabinet looks outstanding, providing your kitchen with a stunning look. Wherever you are in the process of refurbishing your kitchen, George Peluso of West Hartford Finishing will help make your kitchen feel like home.