Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinets can be the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen. By refinishing the cabinets instead of replacing them with new ones, you can save time and money and feel good about it too!

Cabinet refinishing restores the beauty and character of the wood that has gotten lost with years of use. We can refinish your cabinets with stain or paint depending on your personal style and preference.

When you’re looking to have your cabinets refinished or refaced, you’ll definitely want to hire somebody who has experience and can give you the best value for your money. We do not use plywood or veneers that are attached over your cabinets; we find that over time these peel off exposing the surface below. We provide you with solid panels on all the surfaces and we actually refinish your existing frames leaving you with a kitchen  that looks new. Nobody would be able to tell that it was actually refinished.

Before kitchen cabinet refinishing
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
After kitchen cabinet refinishing

Why spend the money on new cabinets when  you can get the same look with new doors and drawer fronts?  Many times we have seen beautiful granite sitting on top of dated cabinets. No worries!  You don't have to rip it out!  You can update the look without incurring the expense and risk of removing the granite.

We can refinish your existing cabinets, cabinet doors, and framework. If a new look is desired we can install new doors and drawer faces giving you a new and updated style to your kitchen.

We serve all of Connecticut and the surrounding area. We can be in your area for any questions you might have on kitchen cabinet refinishing.

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