Cabinets can be the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen. By respraying the cabinets instead of replacing them with new ones, you can save time and money and feel good about it too! Connecticut Cabinet Respraying is the way to go.

The real story of West Hartford Finishing is way they transform something old into something new without breaking the bank.

Working with many of our clients, West Hartford Finishing is a leader in the respraying of cabinets.

Cabinet respraying restores the beauty and character of the wood that has gotten lost with years of use. We can respray your cabinets with stain or paint depending on your personal style and preference.

With over 35 years’ experience and are the best-known company in the wood-finishing field throughout Connecticut. West Hartford Finishing is your complete source for all phases of wood finishing including

Connecticut Cabinet Respraying

Whether you are looking to finish your custom cabinets, stairs, antiques or furniture, their team of skilled technicians is able to provide you with color-matching as well as any finish from contemporary to traditional in the shop or on-site.

  • During our installation process, we will: Connecticut cabinet respraying
    Remove and discard your old doors and drawer fronts.
    Repair and prep your old cabinet frames.
    Reface all exposed cabinet surfaces.
    Install new doors and drawer fronts in the style of your choice.
    Add new hinges, molding and new pulls.
    Perform a quality control inspection to insure your complete satisfaction.

Updating your Connecticut cabinets may cost you much less than you think. West Hartford Finishing can respray existing cabinets, reface existing casework with new style of doors, drawer fronts, and new drawer boxes, or remove the existing cabinets and replace with new cabinets. We offer a variety of door styles, stains, glazes, moldings, for you to choose for your kitchen to suit your budget.

If your cabinets are in need of respraying, upgrade or replacement, or its just time for a change, call West Hartford Finishing for solid advice and a FREE quote.