Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services in Connecticut

Kitchen cabinet refinishing services can save you a money in the long run.

Your kitchen countertops, cabinets, & appliances are one of the most visited areas of any household represents your style in so many ways.

Take your kitchen and turn it up a notch.

With smooth, durable finish that looks beautiful and is non-porous making it very easy to clean. Using our time proven and guaranteed coating system you can save thousands of dollars over replacement and up to 50% over the cost of refacing. We can quickly and expertly apply a fresh, factory new look for Formica, wood or any cabinets or counter tops. Counters can be reglazed in any solid color, or with the more popular granite like finish. Artistic Refinishing always has an up to date selection of stone like finishes for your individual taste.

kitchen cabinet refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
We can professionally refinish your existing out of date kitchen cabinets with a smooth, durable finish in any color that looks beautiful and easy to clean. Another feature available, in addition to the solid color, is a hand applied glaze for a shadowing effect that enhances the overall accents of a raised panel or reverse panel kitchen cabinet design. Stained, chipped or burned Kitchen Counter tops can be restored & repaired to look like new, with any solid color or stone like finish.

Our services include:

  • Unlimited color and finish choices including whitewashing and two-tone finishes

  • Kitchen Cabinet staining and lacquer finishing

  • Kitchen Cabinet painting and tinted urethane coatings

  • Cleaning and touch-ups

  • Full sanding and stripping for complete color and finish changes

  • Hardware updating and replacement

At WH Finishing we have the tools and the resources to update your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. If you have cabinets that are faded, dirty, or out of style, we can help. Best of all, the bulk of the work can be done at our facility without making a huge mess at your house.  Instead, we will take your cabinet doors off, bring them to our shop and give them an extreme makeover in our state-of-the-art refinishing booth!

For wood cabinets that need to be refreshed, we have a cost-effective yet transformative process that will bring new life to old cabinet doors. First, we give the doors a detailed cleaning to completely remove all grease and dirt. Then we hand-sand the cabinets to dull and remove the existing finish. After that, we apply a hand-rubbed stain of your choice onto the wood to give the doors a more rich, uniform, and clean appearance. After two coats have been applied and dried, multiple coats of lacquer in the sheen of your choice are sprayed on to give the cabinets an extremely durable factory-like finish.

For new or previously painted or stained cabinets we have both the tools and expertise to repaint or restain in a way that matches your existing finish perfectly, or we can give your cabinets a newly painted or custom stained finish in our dust-free painting and refinishing facility. If you would like to remove the existing finish completely and start over with an entirely different look, we can even strip your painted cabinet doors completely to take them down to bare wood.

We hope to be your choice for kitchen cabinet refinishing and anything else on your to-do list, including interior painting on walls, trim and doors as well as wall paper removal and installation.

We 100% guarantee the craftsmanship of our kitchen cabinet refinishing service for one year (excluding normal wear and forceful damage).